Highlighted projects



Domain management tool made by a distributed team

After eight years growing organically, the first project I carried out was developing a design system that helped spread consistency across the present and the future of the product.

Among other daily UX, UI, branding, or support tasks, the biggest challenge was to set up a space for a design culture.

You can read about the first steps for implementing a design culture.

color game


A color game

This side project was part of a gamified platform to teach design to non designers called Method of Action.

I managed the project and co design it. It was a great experience where I learned the limits of time and energy to create personal projects.

screen to manage meetings

RoomManager by PosterDigital

A digital signage tool to manage meeting rooms

After months redesigning every aspect of PosterDigital, a ten-year-old software to control digital signage screens, it was time to create a spin-off product targeting a particular need.

The goal was to create a plug-and-play service for offices improving the communication and management of meeting rooms attached to the calendar software already in use.

Read RoomManager case study.

Kerning game for iPad

An iPad game to learn how to adjust the spacing between characters

After the game had significant success, I designed a whole iPad game that adapted its interactions to touchscreens, and made the game increasingly difficult and fun.


A CMS to help publishers of any size make their existing content a beautiful app-like experience in the browser

Remember the "see the desktop site" tag in some websites? It was before the world 'responsive' was linked to websites. I made iPad, Kindle Fire, Nexus and iPhone customizations with CSS and LESS.

I designed the responsive touch UI–as similar as the desktop website–of 300+ publications, including Miami Herald, Wired, BusinessInsider, Tyga’s Blog, or Brainpickings.

Interesting side projects

Somehow I tend to think I don't do enough stuff (hello, inner saboteur). This is a list of some of the things I've done for fun:

I write articles about working remotely, among other things.

I created this Chocolate Chip Cookies Calculator to learn and play around with vue.js.

I created a set of Westworld stickers for Telegram just after watching the first season.

I like to learn recipes with local ingredients. After moving once a year for about 10 years, I collected my favourite ones in this recipes blog.

In 2011 I participated in Mexico City's Startup Weekend hackathon. A data scientist and I created 57 Balas, a site where the user chose a drug and a weekly consumption rate, and we translated it into money, burgers, scholarships, or how many AK47 and bullets the Narco could buy with it. 57Balas isn't online anymore for security reasons.

In 2016 I organized, created its branding and website, and participated in the First Spanish Stupid Hackathon. My stupid project was BadumTss, an intrumental karaoke to sing along great melodies.