👋 Hola! I'm Maria, an Interaction Designer with 10+ years of experience.

I feel comfortable in different environments. I've been the only designer in a company with a hundred developers. I’ve lived in several countries while working for different ones. I've led complex tech projects and I feel I can adapt to almost anything.

My articles represent really well how my brain works. You can read this one about how remote communication works; or this other one about the first steps towards introducing a design culture in an 8 years old developers-only team.

This color game is my—hopefully not—one hit wonder.

When I'm not working in one of my projects, I teach and mentor young designers.

I'm very aware of the space and impact of my actions, which is a feature and a bug. I'm interested in designing responsibly, measuring the result of my work in the world, ensuring I'm building products fitting a better future.